Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

As a small business owner, aside from offering uniquely beautiful products, I relish the opportunity to provide a level of service, attention to detail and care that big box stores just can’t. There’s no tossing a product into a box and wishing it luck - every box is lovingly and painstakingly packed by me, with quality packing materials and little extra touches that show an actual human being is behind your order, and cares about it (and you!) very much. 📦 💙

​Whether it’s a hand written or signed note, a few cute stickers I chose just for your order; tissue or tags or bows, or any other little way I can show that I care, I will happily do it - and I don’t care one iota how those extras may affect “the bottom line” - I do it enthusiastically and with gratitude for my customers. YOU are my shareholders and I want to genuinely bring you joy 💙

​Did you know that during the holiday season, the major shipping carriers raise the rates? They do, but I never pass along the additional expense to my customers. Big box retailers get huge volume discounts from these carriers, but we small businesses have heart that they just can’t replicate en masse. Every purchase you make from a small business shows your love and support for the underdog.

​There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to keep a small business running - and I’ve always been dedicated to taking the time to show my customers that I care. Thank you for your support this holiday season and always 💙 You all mean the world to me!

With gratitude,