Sneak Peek: Coming Saturday, 5/30 @ 10 AM EST

Sneak Peek: Coming Saturday, 5/30 @ 10 AM EST

Want a sneak peek of the beautiful finds that will be available Saturday, 5/30 at 10 AM EST on Here are just a few of the fantastic and unique pieces that are ready to join your collection!

    • A stunningly vibrant, hand painted & stamped vintage cylindrical dragon & phoenix motif vase
    • An ornate circa 1948 floral motif Delft temple jar
    • A beautiful blue and white Andrea by Sadek vase with three-dimensional pomegranate and flower handles
    • A prunus blossom (cherry blossom) motif flower frog
    • A large, hand painted multi-color fishbowl planter
    • A fabulous selection of high quality needlepoint pillows
    • A vintage Rose Medallion temple jar
    • ....and much more!!

    Please set an alarm and head back here to my website Saturday, 5/30 at 10 AM EST to shop these beautiful finds and more. Remember - all items will be available on my website! I do not host Instagram flash sales, send invoices, etc. All sales are through my online shop! No pre-sales to be fair to all customers.

    All my best,