Sneak Peek: Coming Saturday, 8/1 @ 10 AM EST

Sneak Peek: Coming Saturday, 8/1 @ 10 AM EST

Want a sneak peek of the beautiful finds that will be available Saturday, 8/1 at 10 AM EST on Here are just a few of the fantastic and unique pieces that are ready to join your collection!

    • Fantastic and HUGE vintage Delft Tobacco jars - An exquisite blue and white Carolina lamp with elegant shade & finial; a large polychrome Carolina vase in my favorite script font; a huge blue & white Virginia with the most dramatic brass lid produced; and a fab mid-sized blue and white Maryland. These beauties are treasures to pass down generations!
    • Fabulous Famille Rose jar with three-dimensional rosette details
    • Lovely vintage Delft floral motif tulipiere - very hard to come by stateside!
    • Colorful vintage Chinoiserie duck tureens
    • A very large, vintage Blue Onion coffee mug
    • Blue and white Chinoiserie vase, ideal size for a bouquet
    • A pair of pink and teal Chinoiserie vases
    • ....and more!!

    Please set an alarm and head back here to my website Saturday, 8/1 at 10 AM EST to shop these beautiful finds and more. Remember - all items will be available on my website! I do not host Instagram flash sales, send invoices, etc. All sales are through my online shop! No pre-sales to be fair to all customers.

    All my best,